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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PPF - finished quilt & giveaway

Hi sweet people of the arts

I am sharing the quilt I finished last week or so. Two views - one taken from the shade, and another from the sun

They are different bc the brighter one was photoed in the daytime

One thing I didn't have a chance to explain last time I posted - the quilt on wood thing is a pretty popular thing in Western North Carolina, and I assume elsewhere in Appalachia/the South. Possibly elsewhere, though I didn't really start seeing these till we moved out here

sample from of what one looks like
As far as giveaway -- I've had this calligraphy set for literally 20 years - my mum went to Hong Kong & got it for me, since I was studying Japanese at the time. It measures about 8 x 10 inches

It was always too pretty to use!

As can be seen, it is intact and very marvelous-looking. It looks like it's made out of silk. Have never as much as used the ink block or the brushes.

I am sorry to part with it but I would like it to go to someone who really wants it/can use it, etc. My main thing is looks like we'll be having to move again and I am getting pretty serious about eliminating everything save the essential. It actually is not easy and possibly even a bit painful but, time for a 'big girl pill' ! I've enjoyed looking at it all this time.

I'd thought of selling it on ebay but that just gets so tiresome - besides, it was a gift to me so giving it away seems more appropriate

All I want is someone in comments to say I WANT IT - if only one of you does, I'll send it. If more than one, I will do some random generator thing.

have a good one! Remember, say I WANT IT if you do, just like that, all in caps, to avoid ambiguity.

UPDATE: I've decided that the set will go to Nicole, since she is the only one, out of 27 people who visited this blog,  who expressed interest in getting it, as of 1am Saturday morning. 

Monday, July 07, 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Pig(gies)

Thanks to Michael M for hosting! Always happy to participate in Creative Tuesdays when I can

Of course, of course, I had to, when i saw the theme, bring in the Beatles'/Harrison song "Piggies", a brilliant social satire if ever the Beatles came up with

3 guesses which my favourite line in the song is?

sort of a perfect theme as I've been listening to a lot of White Album lately, though the song I've liked a lot for some reason has been Rocky Raccoon.

"Piggies" is great though - here, to refresh everyone's memory:

Saturday, July 05, 2014

ss waterfall

Hi to all at sunday sketches

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting

Today i am sharing an actual sketch I did at a waterfall the other day

It is place near where I live

Have a great day

Thursday, July 03, 2014

pff - a quilt

Thanks to kristen and eva  for hosting

I thought today I'd share something different I'm doing - a quilt on wood.

Have a great day day! 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sundays sketches- wood art and civil war reenactment

Hi all at Sunday sketches!

First i want to share a piece we recently finished, made out of wood.

The message says "outside the homo sapiens ambit, predators strike almost exclusively to feed or to mate, or to assert related, limited, well defined dominion,: only humans eviscerate for vengeance,  ego, or sport , from an unquenchable thirst to acquire everything - especially now,  we must ponder how to view,  and act toward, such uselessly,  even harmfully excessive acquisitive behavior. "

Speaking of violent, acquisitive behavior, in the town we sell art in,they have a civil war reenactment twice a year. I wonder if any of you ever see stuff like that where you live?

Here are some fun pics

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, May 19, 2014

PFF & SS - Stool, more art, & ebook launch

Hello to all my friends at Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches!

I wanted to share some art and the inauguration or the ebook store we launched.

Jim's birthday is May 24th and all he really wanted was for the ebook/kindle store to be launched - which is what I have done, with 13 titles and more coming.

In order to launch it I have been writing people and letting them know these ebooks are available, either for folks to read or to buy for other people as gifts. Some as cheap as $1 and short as a few pages - others way longer.

So far all the writing is his, and I assist in graphic layout, and cover design. I have some book ideas of my own, but for now it is his writings I am sharing about.

Things he writes are anything from short fiction to exploratory biographical essays about folks involved in the renewable energy field. They range from $1 to $6. Many more are coming. 

The book I'm particularly excited about is the one shown on the cover here, Homily Sticks... etc - this book contains all the poems/verses we have put into wood art - and contains a fine collection of all the wood art - some examples of which I have posted here over the past few weeks/months.

It has been in any event a great winter project, that hopefully will continue. I especially enjoyed putting the Homily Sticks book together, which required a great deal of Photoshopping! It gave me a good excuse to document the pieces we have made. I not only have been able to edit the pieces to account for a bad camera, but I've been able to put a groovy background on the pieces, and show all sides of the things. That's what happens when you have 3D work - all sides are important

So there you go! Please feel free to share the link to our Amazon store with anyone who might be interested. "feel free to purchase one if you fancy one" goes without saying :D

Also am sharing pics of a stool we have been working on. This is the first time we take on a big furniture piece, and it has been rewarding. Our good friend John Behr out of Tennessee built it, and we have been decorating it. This is only 1/2 finished, as can be seen.

thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

creative tuesdays, oak tree

Hi all at creative tuesdays! If I don't get to everyone today, I apologize.

 I spent some lovely time last week at a lovely place in east Tennessee, the Highlander Center. A very special place in the history and development of various social justice movements, progress, etc.

 In fact I was sitting right in front of an oak tree in front of the library when I checked on the ct blog and saw what the theme was! So I drew it right there and then. Some pics from there follow. Hope everyone is doing well!