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Friday, April 11, 2014

PPF - art updates painting on Cedar

Dear PAINT PARTY FRIDAY friends - was feeling nostalgic for the old group so decided to post - may do so for SS as well.

Basically, as has been true for a good couple of years, I  have  not been doing a lot of ME painting - as in, painting oriented for my own personal inclination. Mainly  because I find myself spending so much more time on creating art that we sell, through Marshall Arts, with husband creating words, etc.

The piece I am sharing today is an oldie we sold months ago, but I have been recently spending some time unearthing old cell phone photos of these, and Photoshopping them as best I can so as to create something akin to a portfolio!

The words on the following piece are:

The Concept of Solidarity, Seemingly As Fierce & Tangible As a Rolling Wall of Flame, & Yet No Easier to Manifest Than Levitation Among Jupiter's Moons, Does Rest on Twin Foundations Both of Which Are Indisputably Accurate & Concrete, First, That the Vast Majority of Earth's Inhabitants Are Working Class Folk, & Second, That Every Human Being, Without a Single Exception, Is Either Cousins or Even Closer Kin

On another note, came back from a groovy art fair in South Texas this past weekend. It was incredibly fun and moderately successful sales-wise, in spite of the unexpectedly bad weather. I had never been to that area of the world, so I was very happy to visit. And be at an art sale so far from home.

This trip did entail a rather grueling 30 hours, cumulative, in a car, though, from Souther Appalachia to South Texas, so people can imagine how I feel now, LOL. Needless to say, saw a lot of coffeeshops.

Chattanooga, TN

San Antonio, TX

Baton Rouge, LA
Tuscaloosa, AL

Laurel, MS

Atlanta, GA (this was fun - was my old hangout from way back)
HOPE ALL are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

creative tuesdays - nursery rhymes

Hello all at creative tuesdays

I am on the road and were it not for a stop in Chattanooga on the way back from Texas to Asheville Nc, I would probably not participate today. Been in cars for 30 hours this week,  man...

Have been all week on the road and all weekend at an art fair which was cool

I am writing on a tablet so don't want to write too much but more later. This is a nursery rhyme we had in Chile, analogous to the black Sheep have you any wool one from Britain.  I am embarrassed at my horse drawing skills which is why I ended u p doing 2.

Have a great day!

This is the song.

The words of the song are here, and the link above has some videos of folks performing it
Little White Horse
Canción infantil
Children's Song

Caballito blanco,
llévame de aquí,
llévame a mi pueblo
donde yo nací.

Tengo, tengo, tengo,
tú no tienes nada,
tengo tres ovejas
en una cabaña.

Una me da leche,
otra me da lana,
y otra mantequilla
para la semana.

Levántate Juana
y prende la vela,
anda a ver quién anda
por la cabecera.

Son los angelitos
que andan de carrera
buscando la leche,
pa' la mamadera.

Little white horse,
Take me away.
Take me to the town,
Where I was born.

I have, I have, I have,
You have nothing.
I have three sheep,
In a cabin.

One gives me milk,
Another gives me wool,
And another, butter,
A whole week's worth.

Get up, Joan,
And set fire to the candle,
Go see who's walking
On the headboard.

It's the little angels
Who go running
Looking for milk
For the bottle.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Jump In!

....or not....

Dear friends at Creative Tuesdays - I was very happy to note that CT is back in business! I loved this co-op, and the way it allowed for things to emerge due to the therapeutic nature of, a task a week, a creative task a week, really brings out things.

I have been updating various web thingies lately, which brings me back to blogging - was happy to see in Sunday Sketches that CT was on again - and seeing there might be a prize - well! I just had to jump in - this was drawn freehand on Photoshop, experimenting with layering

The theme immediately took  me back (see? therapy, har har) to one of the more traumatic events in my childhood (possibly more than once?). I was incapable of diving/jumping into a lake from a rock. It wasn't that tall of a distance but for some reason, the thought of hitting my head terrified me. Never mind that all the other kids did it, and were taunting me to do it - I stood there for like an hour, paralyzed, unable to either give up and go do something else, or jump in.

This drawing is a homage to all the fears and dangers, real or imagined, that have kept me from doing so much in life.

I am haunted by all the things I have been incapable of doing in life. Я преследовал всех вещей, которыми я был не в состоянии сделать в моей жизни

THe soundtrack to this little moment of joy was brought by Shostakovich - probably explains why it came out as it did - thanks to all!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunday Sketches - Penelope

Hi everyone at Sunday Sketches! Hoping everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is ready for spring! It seems to have been an all around eventful winter in any event. For instance, I hope I ended up in the right place for the URL seems to have migrated.

TOday I wanted to share a quick lightning sketch based on the dear song by Spanish performer Joan Manuel Serrat called "Penelope". It oozes 70s excess, but it is dear to me as I grew up listening to it.

Not sure what took me there today, but it contains a lesson for all, I think - stories tend to, after all.

It also relates the story of Penelope, similar to Homer's take on it, but based on contemporary life. Serrat's Penelope is a woman who was left at a train station by her lover - he told her 'wait for me', and she does, for years and years. Decades. Sitting in the train station, waiting.

Eventually he does return, and he celebrates in seeing her, but she decides he's not the one she was waiting for ---

Le sonrió
con los ojos llenitos de ayer,
no era así su cara ni su piel.
"Tú no eres quien yo espero".
Y se quedó
con el bolso de piel marrón
y sus zapatitos de tacón
sentada en la estación.

In case anyone's brave enough to see some potentially very cheesy bad music, here is the video:

love to all!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

PFF - SS - Love Commemoration

Radical Love Revolutionizes Everything
Yeah, I don't blog anymore so sad :( I unfortunately am not one of those people who can have many long-term commitments, or, too many things in my mind at once - mind like a sieve no doubt!

However today I want to commemorate love, not only bc it's so close to V Day, but because the 24th is the anniversary of the date that I met my own husband, exactly 9 years ago. So... my love to him always! We both made the above wood. Actual wedding anniversary would be May, but the day we met was special, clearly! We have had many adventures in the short yet long time we've had together, and I only pray we have many more still.

Speaking of love - every couple of months, though I've quite abandoned the enterprise, I have a hankering to go back to the old haunts, and the 3 that I always took to the best were Sunday SketchesCreative Tuesdays, and Paint Party Fridays. So I went snooping the other day.

So I find out that not only has "Mr Toast" at Creative Tuesdays closed up shop, but he has joined forces with Alexandra from Sunday Sketches!

Wow.. the things you miss when you're away!!

Their lovely union weirdly means a lot to me because, even through the roughly year and 1/2 that I DID commit to participating, I came to know both of them fairly well - just through their work, their art, and their own committment to their blogs. And though I didn't know them in person, and didn't exactly intuit it, somehow mysteriously, after I found out about it, it seemed PERFECT. Both are very dear people, sensitive, creative, hard working and disciplined - you can just tell. And both are very good looking too, so there you go! Luck all the way around. 

I also just really enjoy the whole meta narrative of it - art blogs, blogging co-ops, together in cyberland, together through art, and then in person.....and all the people who knew and followed them without necesarily knowing that THEY knew each other... and am just madly curious - how did it all come about? When did they meet? Had they always lived in Colorado together and one day ran into each other at Starbucks and said "HEY@! I Know you!!!" Or did wily fate make one move across the country to the proximity of the other? Did they meet because of the blogging, or was that just some bizarre accident, and proof of synchronicity? Enquiring minds would like to know ....

So I commemorate their union as well and congratulate them with this image of a recent art piece of ours "radical love revolutionizes everything". More images can be found at our facebook page, and I invite all who care to to stop by and say HI.

-- linking to Paint Party Friday & Sunday Sketches

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PFF - Epic Drawing

Hello all at Paint Party Friday!

I am hoping to make the rounds this week - I have been very naughty about being on line and connected, generally, which is why I've sort of given up on this process. Much to my detriment!

In any event, aside from all I do with my wood art, I have taken to working on this Epic Drawing. Its theme is dreams, the general sense of the oneiric landscape, as well as specific dreams/memories of the group of people I asked, and whom the reward was meant for.  Spawned by the Epic Painting Project,  the Epic Drawing was SUPPOSED to have been finished literally 2 years ago, and disseminated to everyone, in the form of little postcards sent out, cut out of the larger picture. But somehow it has not bloody happened. I feel sort of weird & bad about it, but I have faith that one day it will be resolved! Meanwhile....... I have fun working it.

This is it in its latest iteration.

So my question for all is.... should I cut it up into 4x6 postcard sized iterations and mail them to my buds, or should i spare the drawing and make copies and send them that way instead?

Hope all are well! Toodles

Friday, August 16, 2013

PPF - sleeping piece

Hi all at PPF! Here is another of the pieces Jimbo and I do - as usual, I draw the image with a woodburning tool, and he paints it. It is a collaborative process!

As can be seen, there are many shapes and drawings, as such the piece is hard to mount.
There's also a verse, though I forget exactly what the verse is at the moment. But this one also sold. In fact, this is a photo of it before it was carted away. THis one was actually one of my fave pieces - I really liked how the moon came out! I remember I was watching Twin Peaks on Netflix while I was drawing the moon. I'd never seen it before!
I want to thank everyone who went to visit my brother's silent auction last week! They were very excited about all the traffic they received. As well, they have raised a whopping $26,000!!

I myself got in on the action, by pledging for 3 pairs of toe socks and a lovely polymer clay rose brooch that apparently retails for $50, which I was able to get for $10.

Hope all have a great day!